APU GPU: Can an APU Replace Your Graphics Card?

Gamers always want to improve their GPU performance to enjoy the best gaming experience. Are you a gamer? Do you want to enhance the display screen resolution by changing the GPU to APU? Is an APU better than a graphics card and helps gamers enjoy better gaming?

In computing terms, APU stands for “Accelerated Processing Unit,” while GPU stands for “Graphics Processing Unit.” Although they both process graphics, Read the article to know this thing deeply. An APU has the power to handle all GPU-related tasks and perform better. You can replace your graphics card with an APU to enjoy smooth gaming. Let us know whether an APU is capable of handling the GPU-related tasks on your system or not.

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What is An APU?

APU refers to a type of processor that can handle the tasks performed by a GPU on your system. It has capabilities like a CPU to control all graphics card-related tasks on your system. If you are finding some issues with your GPU related to graphics tasks, you can use an APU. This processor was developed by AMD in 2011 for PCs. 

It can handle both types of tasks of CPU and GPU. You do not need any extra GPU on your system if you have added this processor to the system. Llano was the first generation APU by AMD but now it has made many improvements in this processor to handle the tasks. It provides decent performance and a high-quality display screen without causing an issue. 

It may be an affordable option for you if you are wondering about a high-quality screen at a low price.

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How Does it Work?

An APU works with the combination of CPU power and performs all tasks of the GPU. It has all the capabilities that a GPU has and provides the best display screen in front of you. It provides gamers with better and more efficient performance than a CPU. while being cheaper, more powerful, and more efficient it is the best choice over a dedicated graphics card on a motherboard.

Can an APU Replace Your Graphics Card?

Can an APU Replace Your Graphics Card

Do you want to replace your GPU with an APU? Do you consider it better than a graphics card? The answer is that you can replace your GPU with an APU to get good performance at a low price. You will find it budget-friendly and power-efficient. It can perform all CPU and GPU-related tasks with low power consumption.

It also depends on the model of GPU that you want to install on your motherboard to replace the GPU. If the APU has a good model, then it can handle all CPU-related tasks in a better way than a cheaper APU. But there is another thing also a dedicated graphics card is always better than an APU.

Professional gamers should choose a dedicated graphics card to handle high-resolution games on their PC. Because an APU cannot work with intensive games on the screen. But if you are wondering about an affordable alternative to a dedicated graphics card then APU is best for you in terms of price and performance.


APU and GPU are both used for performing visual tasks and providing a better display screen. But there are some differences among these processing cards on the motherboard. You will find many advantages of using APU on your motherboard. It performs better than a GPU and provides efficient work speed. APUs are energy-efficient and power efficient for running on a gaming PC.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using APU to compare these two processing cards on the motherboard.

What Are the Advantages of Using an APU?

Using an APU has many advantages to be used on your gaming PC. You can get the following benefits by using APU on your system:

  • It is an efficient, better, and cheaper choice for gamers and lets you enjoy a high-resolution screen. 
  • It is cheaper than GPU and dedicated graphics card that does not need the additional power supply for running.
  • APU provides the best performance for low and middle-resolution games on the screen.
  • APU is more energy-friendly than GPU and does not utilize extra power to perform its tasks while gaming.
  • They are budget efficient and let gamers enjoy their favorite games at an affordable price. So APU is the best and most efficient choice to enjoy games at an affordable price.
  • APUs also provide faster data transfer than a GPU and dedicated graphics card so they work at high speed.
  • By using an APU, you do not find any issues related to power and data transfer because they are faster.

Disadvantages of Using APUs?

Where you find the advantages of using an APU on a motherboard, there are also some advantages of using an APU over a GPU. Here are some drawbacks of using APU:

  • APUs are not more powerful than dedicated graphics cards and cannot work with intense games.
  • They are not suitable for high-resolution tasks and games for gamers to use instead of a dedicated graphics card.
  • They cannot be upgraded like graphics cards and you have to buy a new CPU when you want to upgrade it.
  • Another drawback of using APUs is that they produce more heat than a GPU and dedicated graphics card while working with high PC games.
  • You need extra cooling while using an APU on the motherboard to handle the high video tasks and games smoothly.
  • It is only perfect for low-PC games and daily tasks on your PC. If you want to enjoy intense tasks, you must go for dedicated GPUs.

Final Words

An APU works like a graphics card and performs best on an affordable budget for gamers. It uses less power than a GPU and works like a CPU to provide a smooth screen display. It is faster than GPU and has a high data transfer speed. If you are looking for a budget-friendly dedicated graphics card then an APU is a good choice for you.

But if you want to run intense games on your PC then APU is not good and you must go for a dedicated graphics card on your PC.


What are the advantages of using an APU?

An APU is more budget-friendly and more power-efficient than a GPU. It does not require high power consumption like a GPU and does not cost higher. You can buy it at an affordable price for your Gamer-PC.

What are the drawbacks of an APU?

An APU cannot work with intense games and videos. It can only work with low-resolution games and you cannot upgrade it.

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