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does borderless window affect performance

How does Borderless Window Affect Performance?

Playing PC games allows you to switch between different display resolutions, which gives you greater control over your gameplay. When it comes to PC gaming, you have the choice between different display modes such as “Windowed”, “Full-Screen”, and “Borderless Window”. A borderless mode will spread your game display all over your monitor, affecting gameplay significantly….

normal gpu temp while gaming

What’s A Normal Gpu Temp While Gaming

During an idle state, the normal GPU temp while gaming is completely different. GPU temperatures generally range between 38°C and 55°C without any workload. A GPU’s temperature increases as you put a graphical workload on it. Also, GPU temperatures change depending on the workload placed on them. GPU temperatures can differ in gaming compared to…

Which graphics card is equivalent to the PS4 GPU?

Which graphics card is equivalent to the PS4 GPU?

In the market, we find many new and powerful gaming graphics cards for gaming PCs. These GPUs let you enjoy high-resolution games on your system with a higher data transfer rate. For these games, PS4 was developed for gamers to support video games with high 1080p resolution. PS4 GPU has all related features for video…

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