Are Refurbished GPUs Worth It?


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It’s become increasingly difficult to find a high-end graphics card within your budget range due to the spike in prices. This leaves only two options: buying a used graphics card or purchasing a refurbished graphics card. GPUs that have been refurbished are typically those that have been returned by consumers within the warranty period due to minor problems (faulty fan, heatsink, lost bracket, etc).

As soon as the seller receives the graphics card, it is repaired and ready for resale with the “Refurbished” label. On a refurbished graphics card, you may also find a warranty period, but it will be shorter than for a newly purchased one.

On online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, old-generation graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD are most often refurbished. Does it make sense to spend money on refurbished GPUs is a waste? This guide will explain this in detail.

Are Refurbished GPUs Worth It?

Buying Refurbished GPU

Buying a refurbished graphics card is much different from buying a used one. It is always possible to get a short warranty period with refurbished graphics cards, but this is not always possible with used graphics cards.

Graphics cards that have been refurbished are more or less used before being returned to the seller for a small fee. As a result, a refurbished product has a longer life expectancy than a used one. It is also possible to obtain a GPU that is comparable to a new GPU at a lower price.

A refurbished graphics card, however, may also have some risks. Some important factors should be considered before buying such graphics chips.

Refurbished GPU Buyer’s Guide

 Check out these tips before making a purchase.  

Marketplace you can Trust

Despite the fact that you can buy refurbished GPUs anywhere, we recommend you shop with a trusted seller like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Compared to local online selling websites, these marketplaces make it much easier to return items.

Review the Seller’s Profile

Always check the feedback of the seller and other listings before making your final decision. A refurbished card’s description, which shows what happened wrong with the card in the past, is also worth checking. You should stay away from a card that has had a lot of repair work done, such as replacing blown capacitors and VRMs.

However, if the GPU fan or heatsink was replaced, the graphics card is still good to go.


The warranty that comes with refurbished cards is one of the main reasons to buy them. There aren’t many refurbished cards that come with the same warranty as the original cards. Despite the short warranty, you’re still protected.


In some cases, refurbished cards don’t cost much more than original ones. It would be better to purchase a new card rather than spend money on a repaired one.


When purchasing a refurbished graphics card with a short warranty, you’ll be saving a few dollars that can be invested in other peripherals instead. Before purchasing a refurbished GPU, it is imperative to do your research. Choose a seller and marketplace that you can trust.

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