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GPU Grip is truly a blog dedicated to GPU enthusiasts and PC gaming fans worldwide. This blog is dedicated to helping you choose the right graphics card according to your budget and needs, whether for gaming, editing, or mining.

About Author

Hello, I’m Neal, the author of GPU Grip. Graphics cards have been a passion of mine since 2006.

The first GPU I owned was a 32 MB ATI Radeon. Since then, I have become increasingly interested in graphics cards. Many graphics cards have been tested by me to this day.

When it comes to picking any card from Nvidia or AMD for any purpose, I am happy to help you with my prior experience and knowledge.

Since a very young age, I’ve been fixing computers in my locality. I chose to become a computer professional because of my love for computers.

Gaming was more appealing to me when it came to computers. I enjoy testing graphics cards with different PC games later on after I buy them.

To troubleshoot PC peripheral and graphics card issues, I have been active on Reddit and other forums.

By using my knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to buy the graphics card you really need and save money in the process.

Neal Sutton
Initiator & Author
GPU Grip

Our Vision

Using our knowledge and experience to provide the best value to our readers.

What Makes us Different

Our team is made up of experts with years of experience building custom gaming rigs and workstations. After collecting data, we buy and test graphics cards to see if they really fulfill the buyer’s intent.

Testing GPUs in our lab is our first priority, then we consult with experts and enthusiasts who have already tested them. To give you a good idea of how each graphics card will perform on your PC, we always include its performance in our guide