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GPU Coil Whine

GPU Coil Whine: A Comprehensive Guide

We all start to panic upon hearing unusual noises from any gadget, but for gaming enthusiasts, these noises can be a nightmare for gaming enthusiasts. Since a gaming PC needs a hefty investment, hearing unusual noises from the depth of the PC makes every gamer uncomfortable.  Sometimes you might assume there is no noise and…

GPU Scaling

GPU Scaling – Everything You Need to Know!

No question there is another level of charm in playing modern titles like CS: GO, Overwatch, and GTA V. But what if you get nostalgic and want to enjoy those native titles like Mafia and GTA San Andreas? Will you be able to play those in good quality? No, if you run them on your…

how long do graphics cards last

How Long Do Graphics Cards Last? A Complete Guide

Whether an avid gamer or a beginner-level video editor, you need a good GPU for your graphical endeavors. Moreover, regardless of the GPU’s model and brand, they entail a hefty price tag.  Some high-end GPUs, such as NVIDIA’s 3000 series, can cost thousands, while beginner-level GPUs cost hundreds. So with the whopping prices of the…

This Effect Requires GPU Acceleration

How to Fix It: This Effect Requires GPU Acceleration Errors

Sometimes when you work on your video projects on Adobe Premier Pro or After Effects, you encounter the error which states “This effect requires GPU acceleration.” What does this error mean? It simply indicates that a certain graphical effect, for instance, blur or removing noise will need a GPU.  In other words, his error indicates…

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