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graphics card fan making noise

It is the most irritating thing to hear the loud noise of your GPU fan when you are gaming on your PC. graphics card fan making noise on startup or while gaming can be caused by a number of factors. To reduce the spinning noise of the fan, high-quality gaming GPUs use high-quality fan blades and bearings. Furthermore, GPU fans with high quality tend to generate more heat, resulting in louder noise. Do you think there’s anything you can do about your gpu fan loud noise? Our guide will give you some tips on how to fix the problem.

When there is no load on the graphics card, a normal rotation of the GPU fan is fine. Increased fan noise indicates a stressed GPU. We’ll assume you are playing AAA games on your computer with a high-quality graphics card.

The fan of your GPU might spin a little bit to cool it down, which is completely normal. You can overcome this problem quickly if the sound of the GPU fan increases immediately and is unusual to you.

In the meantime, if the fan is making a loud noise at startup, that’s normal. When your computer starts up, your graphics card usually spins at full speed. The real cause behind this problem can be found by following these methods if you experience it while playing online games.

graphics card fan making noise

Fixing Graphics Card Fan Making Noise

Your GPU fan may make a loud and irritating noise at startup or while gaming for many reasons. Incompatible software or faulty hardware could be the cause. You can fix the problem by finding the root cause and then fixing it.

Your PC Case May Contain Obstacles

You might be touching your GPU’s fan blades if you own a gaming PC. You can reroute any cable that comes into contact with your GPU. If your motherboard has a lot of peripherals installed, get a PC case with a good cable management system.

Blades Covered with Dust

In addition to trapping heat and increasing friction, dust builds up on fan blades. You will hear a loud noise as your GPU fan spins faster. Any extra dirt on my GPU fan can be removed using compressed air. Ensure that the fan is disconnected and the dirt is cleaned. It is difficult to clean the dirt from inside the fan bearings. To manually remove it, you can use compressed air or a brush. After that, lubricate the fan bearings with any bearing lubricant.

Bearings that Have Worn Out

Excessive use often wears out or jams the fan bearings of older GPUs. The GPU fan becomes louder as a result. This issue can be fixed by lubricating the fan shaft. A new GPU fan is one of the best alternatives. Your GPU should be compatible with the fan you choose.

Fan Blades Should be Checked

The noisy GPU fan can also be caused by damaged fan blades. You should replace your GPU fan immediately if it has broken or cracked fan blades.

Whine of the GPU Coils

if your are looking answer of why does my graphics card fan so loud there may be times when a GPU fan makes a loud noise due to a coil whistle. When the GPU is under a lot of stress or load, it emits a high-frequency sound known as GPU Coil Whine. It is not related to a GPU fan, but many people find it annoying.

As compared with low-budget GPUs where you can hardly hear this sound, you have more chances of hearing GPU Coil Whine if your GPU is high-end.

You might experience GPU Coil Whine if you overclock your graphics card. This annoying sound can be reduced by turning off your GPU’s overclocking ability.

Here’s one last thing you can do if none of the above methods work:

Purchase a PC Case that is Silent

Most people will find this solution to be out of their budget range. You can eliminate the unwanted GPU fan noise from your life with silent PC cases available on the market. Noise inside the PC case is absorbed by sound dampening pads in modern PC cases.

Get a New GPU Cooler

The best way to eliminate fan noise from your GPU is to replace your cooler. Amazon and eBay have some of the best third-party GPU coolers.

Invest in a New Graphics Card

In the event that you own an old graphics card, you probably won’t benefit from buying a new aftermarket GPU cooler or PC case. The best way to keep your room silent is to buy a new silent graphics card. Our team will assist you in finding the best graphics card if you let us know what you are looking for in the comments section.


Here are some methods you can use to eliminate GPU fan noise. I hope these fixes will be helpful to your friends who struggle to keep their GPUs silent when gaming.

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