How Much Does Custom Water Cooling Cost For PCs?


how much does custom water cooling cost

All PCs and laptops generate heat during operation running on your system. The PCs need a cooling system to lessen the heat and perform the work efficiently. If the heat generated by these systems overreach it may affect the system performance or destroy it. How much does custom water cooling cost for your PC? 

Every PC system has a built-in cooling system to overcome the heat generated by the CPU during work. But if you are doing intense tasks or high-power games, you may need an extra cooling system for your PC. This is because the built-in cooling system is not enough for these dangerous games. 

In the market, you will find different types of additional cooling systems for your PC. These are air cooling and custom liquid cooling. In this article, we will talk about water cooling and its price.

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What is Custom Water Cooling?

What is Custom Water Cooling

The high-performance GPU and systems need a high cooling system to work efficiently. If the heat generated by the PC and GPU is extending the limit, it will not perform smoothly. In this situation, you can install an external cooling system to your system to solve the problem.

In the market, you will find two types of additional cooling systems for your PC. Custom Water Cooling is one of the advanced cooling systems that low downs the heat on your PC while intense work. This setup works with different parts which include:

  • Reservoir
  • Fittings 
  • Tube 
  • Water Blocks
  • Radiator 
  • Pump 

All these components work together to provide the system with extra cooling setup and maintain its performance during dangerous work. You can install this setup on your PC for the best system work. It is the best cooling setup for a PC to control the heat on your system.

How Much Does Custom Water Cooling Cost

If we talk about the price for a Water Cooling setup, it costs higher than an air cooling system. If you want to set up a custom water cooling setup for your system, it will cost a lot. You must take an estimation before installation of this setup.

The price for this setup starts from $50 and ranges up to $360 according to its performance. The traditional setup price is less than a custom water cooling price. You can set up a traditional water cooling system for $50. But the custom water cooling system may cost up to $360.

The cost of a custom water cooling system depends on the quality of the material or components you want to use for your setup. You should not use cheap materials to save money because they will not work properly. The cheap cooling system cannot work with high heat generation on the system and may destroy it.

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An Estimation for Custom Water Cooling Price

If you want to know the price estimation for the custom water cooling system, here is the price of the components of the custom water cooling setup:

  • Water block:  ranges from $20-$100
  • Radiator and Tube: ranges from $35-$150
  • Pump: ranges from $20-$250
  • Fans: starts from $10
  • Fittings: starts from $25

This is the estimation of the normal range components of the cooling system for you. But it may go higher for a high cooling system because the water blocks, radiators, and pumps are available at different prices in the market. You can buy these components according to your budget.

Advantages of Custom Water Cooling Setup

A custom water cooling system is always better than an air-water cooling setup. Here are the advantages of this setup for your PC:

Flexible than All-in-one

The all-in-one water cooling system comes in a pre-assembled system that you have to install on your PC. You only install the water block on the PC to get an extra cooling system on your PC. They are easy to install and handle on your system. 

But if you compare both of these water cooling setups, the Custom water cooling setup is more flexible than an Aio-system. In this setup, you find a convenient option for choosing the components according to your budget. You will find different price ranges for water block, radiator, pump, and tubing.

Provides Better Cooling

A Custom Water Cooling setup offers a better cooling system than an AIO water cooling setup. The loops in this setup are capable of providing a high-range cooling system for the PC. If you are using high-quality parts for this setup, you will get better performance than an AIO cooling setup.

Maintenance Cost is Low

Another advantage of using a custom water cooling system is that it has a lower maintenance price than the AIO system. If the AIO system goes out of order, you need to change it as a whole. This is because all the parts are assembled in this cooling system. You need to install a new cooling setup for your system.

But in the case of a Custom Water cooling setup, you do not need to change the whole setup. You can change the part that is not working. That is why it is easier to maintain in case of an issue.

Comes With an Extended Lifespan

The setup of a custom water cooling system comes with an extended lifespan than an AIO system. AIO cannot work for more than 6 years on a PC. You can use this setup for a long time, up to 10 years or more. You can maintain the setup again if a part is out of order and is not working properly.

Final Thoughts

The price of a custom water cooling setup depends on the quality of the components that you want to use on your system. In the market, you will find lower to high-range comments for this setup. The setup starts from $100 and goes up to $360. It is up to your budget and the quality of the parts you want to use for the installation of this setup.

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