How to Increase Hashrate of GPU for Faster Mining


how to increase hashrate

It is pretty easy to set up your first mining rig. Nevertheless, everyone is concerned about speeding up their mining process. As GPUs with high hash rates are often out of reach of most consumers, the GTX Series chips are the only options. Did you know you can significantly increase your GPU’s hashrate by tweaking it?

As an example, the GTX 1070 can mine Ethereum using the DaggerHashimoto ETH algorithm at 25MH/s. With the following settings, you can increase this GPU’s hashrate to over 35MH/s.


Increasing the Hashrate

You can increase your graphics card’s performance by implementing some of the following tips.

Mining Software

It is true that the type of mining software you choose has little effect on your GPU’s hashrate. The process of turning your GPU in mining software is similar to overclocking it in software like MSI Afterburner.

Many software programs are now available that allow you to increase your GPU’s hash rate. The tools sp-MOD and ccMiner by Alexis78 are excellent for mining a bit more coins at the end of the day. Using this two software will increase your hashrate by 20 to 30%.

The Best Way to Keep Your GPU Cool

When it comes to mining on a large scale, everyone is looking for the best cooling solution. A GPU’s performance is better when it stays cooler under load. Invest in a graphics card that is water-cooled to keep the temperature as low as possible. When using air-cooled GPUs, however, ensure that they are in an area where there is plenty of air circulation.

Thermal throttling can reduce the performance of your GPU by 10%. Therefore, if you are mining with a lot of GPUs, you should invest in an appropriate cooling solution to keep the temperatures down.

Increase your hashrate by overclocking GPU

By overclocking, you force your GPU to run and perform better than its factory clock speed. Suppose your GPU comes with a clock speed of 1211 MHz, and you overclock it and increase the speed upto1800 MHz.

Hashrate performance will be significantly improved by increasing its clock speed. The downside to overclocking is that it produces more heat. Before overclocking your GPU, ensure your desk is adequately cooled.

MSI Afterburner is one of the most reliable software programs for overclocking GPUs. Choose a setting that works the best for you and try it out.

However, the graphics card’s hash rate can be improved by increasing its core and memory clock speeds. The GPU can be overclocked to a higher speed or you can buy a GPU with a higher memory and core clock.

Invest in an exceptional GPU

In the event that none of these above-mentioned techniques increase your GPU’s hashrate, you might have picked the wrong GPU for your mining rig. Graphics cards have a significant impact on the overall performance of your mining rig.

As well as the written tutorial, here is a video tutorial to follow as well.

Improving the Hashrate for mining faster

Last but not least, this article discusses some methods that have proven effective in increasing GPU hash rates. With these methods, you’ll be able to improve your CPU’s performance by just 10 to 20%. Investing in Nvidia’s RTX 3000 Series or AMD’s RX 6000 Series chips is the best way to mine at a higher hashrate.

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