6700 XT Vs 3070: How Do You Choose?


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6700 xt vs 3070

Looking for a GPU that will revolutionize your gaming PC? In the computer market, you will find a variety of graphics cards with lower to high-end performance and budget ratio. AMD, Nvidia, MSI, and many other well-known GPU companies are available in the market.

These companies provide users with high-quality graphics cards for gaming PCs. In this article, we are going to discuss two famous graphic cards 6700 XT VS 3070. Both of these models are counted in high price graphic cards in the market.

Moreover, they are capable of handling 1440p and 4k video games. But which one should you choose for your gaming PC? Let us make a comparison of these two top-most brands in the gaming world.

About AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

RX 6700 XT was introduced in 2021 by AMD to offer a high significant FPS rate for 1440p and 1080p video games. But the card was also capable of providing superb FPS rates to gamers with 4K games. The card hit the most affordable price in the 6000 series by AMD and was the best choice for professional gamers. 

In memory, clock speed, average FPS rate, and power usage it offered a great choice to gamers. RX 6700 XT has brought many new changes in GPU performance than the previous models by AMD.

About NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

As we know, NVidia is also a world-famous graphic card company that has introduced a series of high-performance graphic cards for gamers in the market. GeForce RTX 3070 is also a high-end GPU NVidia for gamers to enjoy a high refresh rate on both 1440p and 1080p games. This model was introduced in the market in 2020. The price for this GPU in the market was $500.

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RTX 3070 is on the top of 30 series GPUs by NVidis in terms of performance and prices. This GPU can also handle 4K games with the best refresh rate.

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT VS RTX 3070: Differentiating Factors

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT VS RTX 3070: Differentiating Factors

No doubt, both AMD and NVidia are the best GPUs concerning gaming and let gamers enjoy high-quality screens. But they are reproduced by two different companies so they have some key differences in features, functions, and models. Let us see these differences before choosing the best one for gaming PC.

Model NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
Price Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Year 20202021
Temp Recorded79C74C
Fan Noise47.7DB51DB
Power Required 600W550W
4K Performance 114.4 FPS103.0 FPS
Average 1080p Performance178.8 FPS163.2 FPS
Average 1440p Performance133.1 FPS122.0 FPS
Memory 8GB12GB
Clock speed 1.5GHz / 1.73GHz2.32GHz / 2.56GHz
Power connector1x 12-pin1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin

The above table shows the difference between these two targeted GPUs clearly in terms of memory, prices, performance, and FPS rate on screen. You can select the best one after comparing RTX 3070 and RX 6700.

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Both AMD and NVidia are counted in high-priced GPU models in the market.

  •  Both manufacturers hit the highest prices for their graphic cards in the market and provide gamers.
  •  AMD RX 6700 XT Costs $500, which is higher than the RTX 3070 which costs $479. 
  • So we can say that the RTX 3070 is somehow more affordable than the RX 6700 AMD GPU model. 


Memory also matters when talking about the performance of a gaming graphic card. Gamers prefer higher memory of GPUs when buying a professional gaming GPU for their PC.

  •  Nvidia and AMD have introduced GPUs with enough memory space to handle faster data transfer rates on screen.
  • RTX 3070 GPU model by NVidia has 8Gb memory space which is enough to make a faster data transfer rate while playing 4K games.
  •  But RX 6700 by AMD has 12 Gb memory for gaming. So in terms of memory aspect AMD RX 6700 is better than AMD RTX 3070 and best for professional gamers. It is specially designed for professional gamers who want to run 4K games on their system with a smooth screen.

Gaming Performance

Gaming needs high FPS in GPUs because it decides the performance of a graphic card on screen resolution. A higher FPS rate offers a better screen view for gaming.

  •  RTX 3070 has an average FPS rate of 178.8 for 1080p, 133.1 for 1440p, and 80.8 for 4K games. 
  • On the other hand, RX 6700 has 163.2 FPS for 1080p,  122.0 FPS for 1040p, and 103.0 FPS for 4K games.
  • It shows that RTX 3070 offers 20 to 30 percent higher FPS rates for 4K, 1440p, and 1080p games and is recommended for high-resolution games.

Clock Speed

Clock speed measures the overall processing speed of graphic cards and has a deep impact on their performance. Gamers prefer higher clock speeds to get faster processing in gaming and have no issues with the system. 

  • All the AMD and Nvidia graphic cards come with the best and most boosted clock rates in the market.
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 has a base booted clock speed of 1.5GHz / 1.73GHz. While the AMD RX 6700 has a base boosted clock speed of 2.32GHz / 2.56GHz. 
  • So AMD is offering higher clock speed than Nvidia and providing boosted processing on GPU while gaming.

Power Consumption and Efficiency

High-performance graphic cards need higher power consumption for processing. 

  • If we make a power consumption of AMD RX 6700 and Nvidia RTX3070, NVidia GPU needs 600W and AMD needs 550W from the PC.
  •  So, RTX needs more power usage to give a high-end performance to gamers.
  • Inefficiency, RTX 3070 is more efficient than the RX 6700 model. 

Software and Drivers

  • Both manufacturers, AMD and NVidia offer up-to-date software with their GPUs which are capable of handling modern games on the system.
  •  But if you still need any updates in drivers, you will get a notification on GPUs to update them. 
  • In terms of driver stability, AMD is more efficient than Nvidia GPUs and offers the best coverage of software and drivers.

Final Thoughts

AMD and Nvidia are stable and reliable GPU manufacturers in the market. Both AMD RX 6700 and Nvidia RTX3070 have close features and functions but still, they have some key differences. You must go through the above differences to select the best choice for you. The overall difference shows that the Nvidia RTX 3070 is ahead of the AMD RX 6700.

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