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Best Vertical GPU Mount

PC building is a tough job. You must care for many things, from your PC component’s placement to ideal positions to aesthetics and component cooling. But when installing your GPU, you need to look for proper air ventilation around it. Why? Because it works hard and gets hot during work, it will get damaged if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. 

And when it comes to GPU ventilation, you can always depend on the vertical GPU mount. With a vertical mount for GPU, you get better aesthetics and can also fit a hefty GPU in a tight space. However, getting the perfect GPU mount for your PC can take time since they come in different sizes and configurations. 

But don’t worry; here we are listing different GPU mounts for you to choose from. So let’s get to it:

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  • Lian Li O11DXL-1 Vertical Graphics Card Holder
  • EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket Support
  • Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT
  • ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 16x Shielded Extreme High-Speed Riser Cable

Our Picks for Vertical GPU Mount

Below we are discussing some of the best GPU vertical mount kits that can make your card perform better:

1. Lian Li O11DXL-1 Vertical Graphics Card Holder

Best Value


  • PCI: 4.0
  • PCI Slots: 5
  • Case Support: lian li 011 dynamic xl case
  • GPU Slots: 5
  • Cable Length: 200mm
  • Adjustable:  Yes
  • Weight: 4.08 ounces
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black

Lian Li O11 DXL-1 is an excellent vertical GPU mount accommodating NVIDIA and AMD cards. This card holder has a lot of bells and whistles, like 5 PCI slots and one riser cable, and is sturdily built. Moreover, installing this car is also super easy, as you only need to install four screws. 

Although this card does not have RGB lighting or other aesthetic features, its solid black metal build provides a sleek look. All in all, for fewer dollars, it offers excellent value.

The Lian LI O11DXL-1 is one solid and sturdy vertical mount. When you fix it into your PC, it does stay put despite heavy processing and trembling. Moreover, this mount can easily accommodate heavy GPUs like 4000 series and 3000 series NVIDIA. But note this piece is a bit heavy. While this mount has five GPU slots, the spaces could be more wisely distributed. Some users say they must drill the hole a bit to accommodate their GPU on the PCI slot. It is compatible with only the O11 Dynamic XL case, so you have to check if it fits your PC case before purchasing. 

2. EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket Support

universal & durable


  • PCI: 3.0
  • PCI Slots: 7
  • Case Support: ATX
  • GPU Slots: 2
  • Cable Length: 170 mm
  • Adjustable:  Yes
  • Weight: 1.03 Kg
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black

We prefer vertical mounts because it gives an aesthetic appeal and an uncluttered look to our PC. But what if you add the lighting effect to the mount? It will boost its visual appeal. And that’s what this EZDIY-FAB Vertical GPU mount does. While you can tilt it between 0 to 45 degrees, you can easily adjust it to your desired position. Moreover, I also find it helpful for most of the modern GPUs.

The EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket costs a bit of a buck, but you surely get what you pay for. When mounting this card holder, I found it’s up to 3 slot graphic cards capacity quite handy for mounting my RTX 3080. Moreover, it does not wobble or move as its screws and rivets are high-quality metal supporting a large graphics card like my RTX 3080.

Moreover, it also comes with PCIE 4.0 riser cable that goes hand in with most modern GPUs.

3. Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT

Easy to Install


  • PCI: 4.0
  • PCI Slots: 7
  • Case Support: ATX
  • GPU Slots: 2
  • Cable Length: 165 mm
  • Adjustable:  Yes
  • Weight: ‎14.5 ounces
  • Material: SGCC steel
  • Color: Black

Cooler Master GPU older kit is yet another amazing option that worked quite well with my ATX case. Since this card holder comes with a durable riser cable that lasts a long time than others make it an appealing choice for PC builders like me. While you will have to pay a bit more buck than other kits, but this one really pays you off.  

The Cooler Master comes with an adjustable design that can slide on the y-axis, and you can fit a GPU of any size. Two fans, three fans GPU, or one with liquid cooling, you can fit them all. And if you have an M-ATX case, it can slide in easily, don’t worry. Moreover, you can move it up to 30mm on the x-axis so you get more space for bulky cables.  And don’t worry I installed this card in minutes since it is super easy to install. And don’t forget its bith PCIE 3.0 and 4.0 compatibility owing to its two riser cables in the package. But remember, this card kit might accommodate all your PCIe slots on the PC, so be mindful of it.

4. ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 16x Shielded Extreme High-Speed Riser Cable

Performance-Speed- Durability


  • PCIe: 4.0
  • PCI Slots: N/A
  • Case Support: ATX
  • GPU Slots: 1
  • Cable Length: 250MM
  • Adjustable:  No
  • Weight: 60g
  • Material: Copper tinning core with gold plate fins
  • Color: Black

This ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 16x Shielded Extreme High-Speed Riser Cable can be the best way for budget buyers like me. If you are like me who spent quite a bit on an expensive GPU and has nothing left for a competitive vertical kit I prefer to go with this riser cable. Why? Because this riser cable can lift your GPU vertically to work as a mount. So without getting a pricey mount, you get the perks of vertical attachment of GPU.  

Comprises hand-soldered gold-plated connector you get the best data flow to GPU. However, you can bend this cable to 90 degrees so that it can place the thing vertically.  In my experience, the cable was good for even hefty cards like RX6800 and RTX3080 but for the most part, I prefer doing some research before buying it.

What are the Different Types of Vertical GPU Mounts?

PCIe Riser Cable Mounts: PCIe riser cable is an alternative to full-size GPU mount kits. This riser cable merely bends in a vertical shape to mount the GPU. Although almost all kits include this cable, it can bend vertically to 90 or 180 degrees, making it a good choice for budget buyers. 

Case-Specific Vertical GPU Mounts: If you own a Lian Li O11D XL, you can accommodate our first pick of vertical GPU mounts. So this is an instance of the case-specific mount. You can go for these if you are very picky about your GPU mount. 

Universal Vertical GPU Mounts: To accommodate almost all standard-size GPUs, some brands, like the cooler master, introduced universal vertical GPU mounts. These mounts are adjustable and reconfigurable so that you can fit your GPU. 

Custom Vertical GPU Mounts: if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can opt for this one. You can make your own customized vertical mount to fit your GPU. 

Vertical GPU Mount VS Horizontal GPU Mount, Which one is best?

Both mounts have their gives and takes. Vertical mounts provide visual appeal, space-saving, and better cable management. Moreover, it also impacts the PC temperature but not too much. On the other hand, that horizontal mount provides more airflow as it aligns with the natural airflow direction. In addition, it also accommodates all GPUs since it was the standard way to mount GPUs. But a horizontal GPU significantly improves PC temperature making it a good choice. 

Can I Insert a PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable in a 5.0 SLOT?

If you assume that connecting a PCIe 4.0 cable to PCIe 5.0 slot will make it run at the latter’s speed, then it’s not true. While you can certainly connect the 4.0 riser cable to the 5.0 slot but it will function at the same PCIe 4.0. 

What to Know Before Buying a Vertical Mount GPU?

Whenever you plan to enhance your PC aesthetics and install a GPU vertically there are a few points to consider that are:

Case Compatibility

Every GPU mount comes with different dimensions to fit in the PC case. Before making a purchase, make sure your GPU mount can fit inside your PC case. Moreover, you should check if the mount is designed for a small form factor PC, standard ATX, or any other build.

Riser Cable

Every GPU mount kit comes with a Riser cable. When buying a mount, look for two things in the riser cable. First, its PCIe generation, and second, its length. You can get PCIe 3.0 and 4.0, mostly, so make sure you get one that fits your GPU. Next, you should also opt for a longer riser cable if the distance between the GPU mount and the motherboard and vice versa.

GPU Size

Before getting a mount, you should be mindful of your GPU size. You need a smaller amount if it’s a two-fan or one-fan GPU. However, you cant fit a tri-fan GPU into a smaller mount, so get one that goes hand in hand with your GPU. 

Ease of Installation

Most mount kits come with a user manual to install the GPU mount. Make sure you get a kit that is easy to install.


So if you plan to enhance your PC aesthetic, we recommend mounting GPU vertically. Besides providing a clean and uncluttered appearance, it also makes for better airflow. In this guide, we discussed different vertical mounts for GPUs. We hope you liked our guide and found the best pick for your PC.

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