How to Ship a Graphics Card

You must deliver your graphics card to the new owner after the process of unloading and receiving it has ended. In terms of graphics cards, a lot can occur on their way to their new owner. Capitalize on their end-to-end protection. There are a number of ways to safely do this, and this guide discloses a few of the safest methods to ship your graphics card to your new home.

Shipping Graphics Card

Some of the top approaches to follow are to ship used graphics cards:

The original box should be used

Use the Original Box

The original box might be with you if you are the first owner of the graphics card. It is also possible to reuse the box in which a graphics card is shipped by the manufacturer.

Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are usually packaged in anti-static bags. You can also increase trust with your end-users by shipping your GPU in the original box.

Anti-Static Bags (Highly Recommended)

Use Anti-Static Bags

Physics class might have taught you about static electricity. Static electricity can damage components like hard drives and graphics cards. Before shipping your GPU, pack it in an anti-static bag to prevent damage.

Small air bubbles surround anti-static bags to prevent bumps during transport. Additionally, you can easily find these bags at your local computer store for a lower price and best choice for anti static bag for gpu shipping.

Box made of cardboard

Traditionally, people use these boxes to ship different quantities of items. They are usually made from cardboard and can be used for storing smaller electronic items such as GPUs, hard drives, RAM, and power supplies. Graphic cards with larger dimensions can be transported in these types of boxes.

Your GPU’s dimensions should match the box you use. It makes no sense to ship a graphics card in a TV cardboard box. Make sure you put paper padding on both sides of the box if it is much wider.

If you want to fill up the box with packing peanuts, place your GPU in between them.

The carrying case

Carrying cases with heavy-duty wheels provide extra protection and safety. In addition to being durable, these types of cases are also highly protected.

Having these types of carrying cases in your store is ideal if you ship computer hardware on a large scale. You will have to pay a lot for these unless you are in a business that ships computer hardware a lot.

As a Precaution

The GPU can be wrapped in newspaper or regular bubble wrap if you do not have access to any of the above items.

You shouldn’t go for:

  • Bags with zippers
  • Plastic bags as usual


Having learned how to ship a gpu, you can make the right decision for your GPU. Consider anti-static bags or cardboard boxes if you’re selling your old graphics card on eBay. When shipping sensitive electronics such as graphics cards, hard drives, etc. a heavy-duty carrying case is a good idea.

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