What to do With Old Graphics Card: 06 Creative Ideas


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What to do With Old Graphics Card

I admit I love to play games. And that means I have to stay put with the current GPUs. For the past 15 years, I have changed the GPUs every two-three years to keep up with my gaming needs. Also, the fact that GPU technology is evolving rapidly, changing a GPU quickly is our ground reality. 

And if you are like me, you will end up thinking after every GPU upgrade what to do with the old one. Right? As for me, I keep my GPUs in mint condition despite using them to their limits. So if your GPU also has a mint condition and you are unsure what to do with it, read this guide until the end!

But before proceeding, remember that if your GPU is obsolete and merely wastes your space, you have to dispose of it mindfully so that it leaves a minimum environmental footprint. Let’s see what to do with your GPU!

how to sell old gpu

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Should I Sell Old GPUs?

Whenever you upgrade a GPU, think about selling it. And yes, I also prefer to sell it unless someone dear to me asks for my old GPU. As for me, I love to make a close one happy rather than hitting a few bucks. Still, if you want to sell it, here is how to do it. But remember, before selling your GPU, make sure it’s in working condition, and don’t forget to mention all the gives and takes of your GPU when selling it. 

Check Online MarketPlace and Hardware Pawn shops

There are a lot of online platforms that let you trade your stuff. Some of the famous online markets are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Rakuten
  • Shopee

If you can find the best deal for your GPU, great if not, you should put on some offers like buyback and money-back warranty. 

Suppose you don’t bother to take pictures and upload them to the buy and sell website; try my way. And that’s heading to pawn shops or tech shops. Moreover, You can also reach out to the manufacturer or tech companies to sell your old GPU. In addition, you can also get into trade-in programs of tech companies or GPU manufacturers to sell your GPU. 

What are the Other Options to Get Rid of Your GPU for Good?

There are a lot of other alternatives that I have to consider to get rid of my GPU. I didn’t try them, but my friends and acquaintances have tried them. Some of them are:


We are mindful of how important it is to dispose of the electric hardware mindfully. But remember, I only recycle if my GPU is worn out or unused. If my GPU is still working, I prefer to sell it or give it to a friend. 

So you cannot simply throw the GPU in your garbage bin; instead, you must dispose of it properly. You can reach out to recycling companies or enroll in a recycling program that can give you discounts and coupons for future purchases. In fact, you don’t have to spend a penny on recycling, and it is what we humans are supposed to do for mother nature. 

Get Something Better In Turn for GPU

While I never attempted to swap my GPU for something better, I would love to if I ever get a chance to do so. Ask your friends or post on the Facebook marketplace to trade your old GPU and get something better. Depending on your GPU’s worth, it can be anything from a different motherboard to PSU or gaming headphones. 

Keep It As A Spare GPU

That’s what, most of the time, I do. Whenever I upgrade my GPU, my old one remains in my hardware box unless I sell them. Meanwhile, if I need another card to do some activities, I can use it. So I will suggest if you are an avid gamer or a professional 3D artist who cannot afford the GPU malfunction, keep your old one in the backup. 

Besides that, I also leverage the GPU to troubleshoot my PC issues or to test new updates and software. So if you can spare some space, it’s what you should do. 

Play With The Graphics Card Components

If you are curious to gain knowledge regarding computer parts, please modify the GPU parts. To do so, you can remove GPU parts with a new one to get the hang of it. 

But if you are not tech-savvy, you can consider DIYing with it. For instance, if you occasionally love to play retro games and have a few other old PC parts, you can build a PC dedicated only to retro games. But remember, when I wanted to make a retro gaming setup or a retro gaming console emulator, I used software like RetroPie or Lakka. Moreover, you can connect it to your TV as I did and enjoy classic games from consoles like NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.

So whenever you feel nostalgic, you can play your games on it. If you can make a home theater with it.

In addition, if your home theater PC has a sluggish GPU and your idle GPU has more excellent specs, you can replace it with it. I love watching 4k movies on my HTPC with my idle GPU. 

Setup PC for Kids

I love to please the kids, and if my old GPU can make them happy, I will make a gaming setup for them. You can also upgrade an older PC for good gaming with your old GPU. And yes, remember that you can also set up the media center PC with your GPU to play games on TV. In fact, there are countless things you can do with your GPU as per your preferences.

Keep these Points in Mind When Selling Your Old Graphics Card 

Whenever I sell my GPU, I consider the following points:

  • First, I ensure that my GPU is up and running and that it will suffice for what I advertise. In addition, if my GPU only buys me peanuts for the money, I better keep it for emergencies or gift it to a friend. 
  • Secondly, dig through the market and assess your GPUs value. You can set a competitive price for your GPU to sell it quickly. Moreover, also offer a price return for the GPU. 
  • Don’t brag about your GPU. If your GPU has a broken part tell it in its listing. If your GPU has been repaired once, be open about it. Don’t hide anything about your GPU. 
  • You should also add clear photos and detailed specs in your listing. Make sure to make the right property mindfully and correctly. 
  • Moreover, you can also offer free shipping or local pickup to attract buyers around you. And whenever you find a buyer, make sure to ship the card promptly and securely.


Selling an old GPU or getting rid of an old GPU is a daunting task. But trust me; I have done it a lot of times. It is not what you are afraid of. But the big question mark when you decide to upgrade a GPU is to decide what to do with your old one. Above, I mentioned all the ways to consider getting rid of your GPU. You can decide on one of them.

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