Intel iRIS xe Graphics vs Nvidia


intel iris xe graphics vs nvidia

The two major graphic card companies for laptops Intel and Nvidia are popular in the market. These companies are providing the best graphic cards for gamers to enjoy the best video gaming experience. Are you looking for a gaming laptop with the best graphics card? 

In this article, we are going to make a comparison of two major graphic card companies in the market. Read this article to know Intel Iris XE Graphics VS Nvidia Graphics and which is best for your gaming laptop. If you want the better one for you, You must choose Intel iRIS as it is the best in its functions as compared to Nvidia’s entry-level GPUs.

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intel iris xe graphics vs nvidia

Intel Iris XE Graphics VS Nvidia

Intel Iris XE has come with high-speed processor chips for AAA games and 4K videos. Gamers need high-speed processor chips for their laptops to enjoy multiplayer games on high resolutions. Are you searching for the best graphics card for your laptop and want to make a better choice? Here are some comparisons of both graphic cards for you:

  • In performance, Intel Iris goes ahead a little bit from Nvidia’s entry-level GPUs in the latest version. It has faster speed in AAA gaming and 4K videos. Both graphics cards have a 6-10 fps difference for visual graphics.
  • The other main difference in both graphic cards is the frame rate and you can change this rate according to your operating system. Both cards give better and high frame rates in 4K videos and provide you with high resolutions.
  • The average frame rates for videos and games may be different in both graphics. But there is not too much difference while using your laptops.
  • Compatibility is also a main point while comparing both cards for your laptops. When you want to select a graphic card for your gaming system, you notice the future compatibility of the cards with the system. Both graphic cards have a better compatibility system with your laptop or PC. 
  • You can upgrade the cards when newly updated drives are available for installation. You can install them automatically or manually.
  • Intel has introduced the best graphics fps ratio for gamers to enjoy games at high resolution. It has come one step higher than Nvidia in graphics rate and lets the users enjoy AAA videos in the best screen resolution.
  • You can edit your videos on a high-resolution screen without worrying about GPU performance on intel XE.
  • When we discuss the performance of both cards, In speed and performance level, Intel XE graphics has come one step ahead in gaming laptops. It is available at a high rate as compared to Nvidia GPUs. 

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Nvidia is a multinational company that designs and manufactures graphics processing cards for gaming laptops. It is known as the best gaming graphics card manufacturer in the market and provides gamers with the best gaming laptops. Gamers search for an Nvidia GPU when they come into the market to buy a gaming laptop.

Nvidia has become the most demanding GPU among gamers because it provides the best and most high-speed graphic cards for laptops. It has made the laptops lightweight and slim for gamers.

Nvidia has introduced many new products in the market for gamers and offered them high-speed graphic cards. It introduced GeForce graphics cards with Max-Q design for laptops to make their performance higher in gaming.

It has introduced a GeForce Series for gamers with the best graphics cards and 4K video resolutions without lowering the performance of laptops. You can use these laptops for a long time without worrying about GPU performance. They have high compatibility with 4K video games.

Intel Iris XE

Intel is another graphic card company that has come in competition with Nvidia graphics in the market. It introduced its first graphics card in the market in 2010 for gaming laptops. It has also introduced a series of gaming graphics cards with high performance for users. The new graphics card by intel is Iris XE which is capable of playing high graphics 4K videos on laptops. 

This new introduction of graphic cards in the market has made the other graphic companies inferior due to high rate configuration capabilities. In both performance and resolution qualities, the intel iris is much better than the other GPUs. It has faster and smooth performance in visual graphics for gaming or videos.

Moreover, the intel graphic cards come in an affordable range and let the users enjoy their wanted visual graphics on laptops. The new XE graphics from Intel have a high-speed processor for gaming laptops in the market but are not cheap to buy. In performance, they are the most demanding processors in the market now by gamers.


While talking about the best graphics card for gaming laptops, we have two top choices in the market. These Nvidia and Intel are the most demanding graphics cards for gaming laptops. Intel has launched its XE graphics card for gamers and provides the best performance rate.

Nvidia has also introduced a series of graphics cards in the market for the users and let them enjoy high 4K resolution on laptops. These GPUs are high in speed and fps rate on screen. The users find both cards compatible with the system and upgrade the drivers easily when they want. 


Is Intel Iris Xe graphics better than the Nvidia MX350 in performance?

MX350 is better and superior in performance but Intel and Nvidia are similar in some terms. The memory space of Intel graphics is less than Nvidia, which makes it superior to Intel.

Is Nvidia faster than Intel XE graphics?

Nvidia has a faster speed than Intel in some aspects, and it makes it superior to the last new offering. These new graphics have made Nvidia faster than intel.

Which is better in performance, Nvidia or Intel?

In many sharing aspects, Nvidia is better than Intel because it has higher memory and video speed for gamers. Gamers find high fps rate than Intel or Nvidia.

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