What is RX 580 Max Temp?

What is RX 580 Max Temp?

A great graphics card for gamers that increases CPU performance is the RX 580. But you need to take care of its temperature when you are playing a game. What is RX 580 max temp that is safe for it?

While playing people do not keep in mind the temperature of their CPU and keep gaming carry-on. But you must keep in mind the temperature of RX 580 and not let it go too far. You must know about the safe temperature range of the GPU and not exceed the limit.

Explore this article to know about the things you have in your mind about RX’s safe temperature range and how to keep it in a safe range also.

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What is the meaning of RX 580 Max Temp?

If you are using RX 580 for your gaming system, you must know about the high temperature of the card. It is very important to know because it may affect the performance of your system. When we start a system for working on it, it starts to produce heat that should not exceed the limit. If it goes beyond the limit, it may harm your system and the performance of the system. Your system does not remind you about the higher temperature when you are playing games on it.

You must know it by yourself and keep in mind that it does not go beyond the limits. The GPU system does not have any self-heat regulation system. You have to manage this thing by yourself. This is because the high temperature has a bad impact on your system and its performance.

Once your GPU starts to heat up, you have to take notice of the system temperature and try to regulate it. Try to regulate and optimize the temperature for its best performance while gaming.

Temperature regulation not only increases the performance of your system but also enhances the system’s speed to work.

The maximum temperature of an RX 580 is when it exceeds 80c. You must run the system between 70 to 80 degrees because at this temperature it works normally. It does not affect the speed and performance of your system while working and gaming.

How does High Temperature affect your GPU?

As you know, GPU is an important part of your RX 580 and the highest GPU temperature affects its performance badly. You must focus on it while performing intense tasks on it. You can lessen the image resolution when you are gaming on it.

When the temperature starts to rise, things start to go wrong. It is not good for your system because, in this situation, the system may break down. To avoid this situation, it will be better to keep the temperature in control and regulate it if it goes beyond the limit.

The GPU safe temp range is between 70 C to 80 C and you can work at this temperature without worrying about the system. But if goes higher, it is not safe for your GPU and system performance. While gaming, you should avoid another high-intensity active on your system to avoid high RX temperature.

High temperature may slow down the speed of your system and even in highly intense conditions, it can cause a breakdown of your system. So be careful about the temperature of your GPU during gaming.

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How Can You Lower RX 580 Temperature?

As it is important to take care of the RX temperature and keep it in a safer range while gaming. You should take some precautionary steps to lessen the temperature and avoid reaching the max range. The GPU safe temp range is between 70 to 80-degree celsius. 

Here are some steps to follow if you want to keep the GPU temperature in a safe range:

Clean Dust From Fan

For the best performance of your GPU, you must keep the fans clean from dust and other particles. Clean the fans regularly to avoid the fan’s poor performance. If the heatsink of your GPU is filled with dust and other particles, it will not work properly. 

To clean the fan and heatsink, open the PC cover and clean it with the help of a brush. It will clean out all the dust in both components. 

Do not Overclock

Another thing that increases the temperature of your GPU is overclocking during gaming. You must avoid overclocking when the temperature exceeds the limits. Give some time for your card to come in normal condition and then use it back for gaming. It will help you to lower the temperature of the GPU.

Increase the Fan Speed

By increasing the speed of the fan, you can bring the temperature to normal degrees. It will also help you in lowering the GPU temperature. Though it is not safe in some higher temperature situations, it may help to lower the GPU temperature.

Replace the Thermal Paste

In some situations, your fan and heatsink go out of order and do not work to keep the temperature safer. The heatsink may dry due to longer use and you need to replace it. In this situation, you may need to replace the thermal paste by removing the fans and heatsink. 

Change the GPU Clock of Your System

Another tip to lower the temperature of your GPU is that you can lessen the clock speed. It helps in reducing the high-temperature range on your GPU. It is an easier tip to solve the problem of overheating and keep the system properly functioning while gaming.


Your RX temperature must be in the normal range for the proper functioning of the GPU. If the temperature goes high, it affects the system performance and GPU. The safe temperature range is between 70 and 80 degrees. It may go up to 90 degrees, but for a long time using a GPU at this temperature is not safe.

You should follow the tips given above to solve the problem of overheating and keep your RX 580 safe.


What is the safe temperature range for GPUs?

The safe temperature range for GPUs is between 70 and 80 degrees. You can use your system in this temperature range while gaming. But temperature above this range may harm your system.

How does high temperature affect the GPU?

If your GPU temperature is exceeding the safer range of temperature, it may slow down the system speed. In higher intense conditions, it causes the breakdown of your GPU.

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