GPU Usage Drops to 0: How to Fix it?


GPU Usage Drops to 0

GPU makes the system performance better while gaming and other intense activities. It lets the games enjoy a smooth gaming experience on their system by enhancing the system’s performance. Your GPU performance must be 99% while gaming or any other activity.

But some people are facing the issue that GPU usage drops to 0 while gaming and it affects the system performance. Are you facing this problem in your system? In this article. We are going to explain the causes of lower GPU performance, why it drops to 0 and how to fix it.

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What is a GPU?

GPU or graphics processing Unit is used to make the computing performance better while gaming. This unit has become the most important part of computer technology because people use it to make their system performance higher. GPU accelerates the performance of 3D graphics and lets the users enjoy a better gaming experience.

GPU refers to all activities on your system whether it is gaming or video editing tasks. It enhances the system’s performance and lets you do your task at high speed. If you are working on your web browser, GPU helps with system maintenance. To perform every task better, your GPU performance must be 99%. If it drops down, it affects your system performance.

Why does GPU Usage Drop to 0?

Why does GPU Usage Drop to 0

Are you facing the problem of GPU usage dropping to 0 and want to know the causes of this issue? There are several reasons why the usage of GPUs falls to zero and lowers the performance of your system. You will find it irritating when the GPU usage drops to zero while playing your favorite game.

For the best performance of GPU during gaming it must be 99% to enjoy your favorite levels. But mostly it drops and disturbs you do not want to face when you are playing your favorite gaming series.

Here are the reasons why the usage of your GPU drops to 0 and cause low performance:

  • GPU setting issues
  • Crossfire Issues
  • Power Supply Issues
  • Game Related Issues
  • Video Driver Issues
  • CPU and RAM Issues
  • Bottleneck 
  • Antivirus Running in Background
  • Corrupted Software on your Windows
  • Graphics Card Overheating
  • Activation of Unnecessary Services
  • Activation of Power Saving Mode
  • Overheating of GPU
  • Optimization Settings of Games
  • Game Launcher Optimization Setting 

All these issues may cause the lower usage of GPU which may reach 0. At this GPU usage, the system performance also goes down. If you want to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any GPU issues, you must avoid these issues to happen on your system. Try to solve these issues.

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How to Fix GPU Usage when it drops to 0?

If the usage of GPU is falling, you must try to enhance its usage. Here are some potential tips that will help to enhance the GPU usage on your system:

  • Fix the Game-Related Problems

If you are finding any game-related issues on your system, resolve this issue to avoid the GPU usage dropdown. Mostly the games are not responsible for the lower GPU usage. But, if you are still finding an issue related to the game, then you must check for game updates.

Check and fix the game update issue to solve the GPU usage issue. Some games cause lower GPU consumption issues on your system.

Fix GPU Configuration Issues

Every graphics card has its setting and priorities on your system fixed by developers. You must not change these settings and priorities if you do not know much about these graphics cards. This is because the experts set these things according to the card performance and system capabilities.

If you change these settings and priorities, GPU performance and capability may be disturbed. Avoid these changes to make that are fixed by the developer.

Optimize the Game Launcher

The optimization of the game launcher gives you a full-screen gaming view of your system. When this option is enabled, it directly disturbs the GPU performance and decreases its usage which may reach 0%. Most gamers suffer from this issue and do not find how to fix the problem. 

To fix this issue, you must turn off the game optimization option on your system. It is easier to do by going to the game launcher optimization option in the system. This is the best and quick way of solving the GPU dropdown issue.

Stop Background Antivirus Scanning

The main purpose of antivirus software is to protect your system from malware issues and let it work properly. But when an antivirus software starts to scan your system in the background while you are gaming. It uses extra power and decreases the GPU usage on your system.

It affects the graphics card’s performance and drops its usage. If you want to fix this problem, the best solution is to turn off the real-time scanning on your system. It will not run any system scan when you are gaming on your system.

Go to the start menu and search for windows security and then virus protection. By clicking on the manage options, you can disable the real-time protection on your system. 

Fix Overheating Of The GPU

The overheating of the GPU causes a significant decrease in its usage and creates an issue in the system. When the system is overheated while gaming or video editing, you must not use it. Give some time to cool it and then carry on your activity. There may be many causes of overheating on your GPU.

 It may happen due to fan performance, GPU clock speed, and excessive use of the system. Try to find the actual reason for the GPU and fix it to avoid the lower usage of GPU. If the fan is not working properly, you must replace it with a new one.

Fix the Power Supply Issue

Sometimes, the power supplied to your system is not sufficient for its proper working and causes lower GPU usage on your system. You should check the power supply and fix the issue if the system has not had enough power to work.

An efficient and high power supply is most important for the CPU and GPU to maintain the system.

Final Thoughts

Your GPU usage must be 100% for the best performance of CPU and GPU on your system. But due to some intense activities on the system, it drops to 0 which has a bad impact on system performance. There are many reasons for this drop in usage and you must find the issue to fix it.

The GPU performance drops due to insufficient power supply, a game launcher, or other hardware issues on the system. You must fix the issue that causes the GPU usage to be 0%. We have discussed the tips to solve the issues.


What does a GPU do?

The Graphics Processing Unit on a system enhances the system’s performance while gaming, video editing, and browsing on the internet. It has become a significant component of your system nowadays.

Why does my GPU capability drop to 0?

There are many reasons why GPU performance falls to 0%. It may be due to poor power supply or overheating of the system. Sometimes it also happens due to background antivirus scanning.

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